As you plan a gift, these readings may inform your thinking.

American Council of Trustees and Alumni: The Intelligent Donor’s Guide to College Giving

ACTA’s seminal guide for college donors, complete with case studies of successful gifts.

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Fund for Academic Renewal: Elements of a Sound Gift Agreement

Prepare your gift to a college or university for success. Gift agreement language should articulate your intent, set expectations, and anticipate changes. 

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Other Readings

Fund for Academic Renewal: Ten Questions to Ask Before You Give

Ask these ten questions before giving to a college or university. 

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American Council of Trustees and Alumni: Trustees and Donor Intent

A trustee's guide on how to build a university culture that honors donor intent.

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Fund for Academic Renewal: Oases of Excellence Guide

Find colleges and universities worthy of support through our Oases of Excellence initiative, which identifies over 82 programs committed to academic freedom and academic excellence. 

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Fund for Academic Renewal: Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to FAR's frequently asked questions, including how FAR can assist you, what types of gifts we advise on, and the fee structure.

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Doug White: Abusing Donor Intent: The Robertson Family's Epic Lawsuit Against Princeton University

The definitive guide to the Robertson family’s successful effort to insist Princeton University honor the terms of the gift of Charles and Marie Robertson; the book describes ACTA’s role in achieving this successful outcome.

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Neal B. Freeman: The Robertson v. Princeton Case: Too Important to Be Left to the Lawyers

An account of the Robertson family’s battle with Princeton University, including a response by then-ACTA president Anne D. Neal.

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Jeffrey J. Cain and Karl Zinsmeister: Protecting Donor Intent: How to Define and Safeguard Your Philanthropic Principles

The best-available guide for donors about how to define philanthropic objectives and ensure they are honored.

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James E. Hughes, Jr., Susan E. Massenzio, and Keith Whitaker: The Cycle of the Gift: Family Wealth and Wisdom

A guide for families and individuals about thoughtful approaches to multi-generation wealth and philanthropy.

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Amy A. Kass: Giving Well, Doing Good: Readings for Thoughtful Philanthropists (Philanthropic and Nonprofit Studies)

A collection of essays by the late distinguished scholar Amy A. Kass for philanthropists and their advisors, as well as foundation leaders, about meaningful gift-giving .

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Miranda S. Spivak, “Johns Hopkins vs. MoCo farm: Whose wishes should prevail?” Washington Post, February 27, 2014

An account of Elizabeth Beall Banks's family’s efforts to press Johns Hopkins University to respect the intent of the gift of her farm, including remarks by then-ACTA president Anne D. Neal on donor intent.

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