Newsletter: College Donor Quarterly

FAR’s quarterly newsletter reports on higher education news, philanthropy trends, and important tools for the active college donor and wealth management professional. If you would like to receive new editions of the College Donor Quarterly, please complete this short form.

Vol. 5, Summer 2022

Cultivating Philanthropic Values in Your Children; FAR in the Field: Heterodox Academy Conference; Oasis Profile: Cornell University's Chesterton House; Donor Tips: Consider Giving Through a Donor-Advised Fund; About FAR


Vol. 4, Spring 2022

How Alumni Donors Can Advocate for Free Speech; ACTA Hosts Summit and Webinar for Alumni; FAR in the Field; Donor Tips: Read "Elements of a Sound Gift Agreement"; About FAR


Vol. 4, Winter 2022

Intelligent College Giving: An Interview with Philanthropist Kevin Youngblood; Book Review: In Defence of Philanthropy by Beth Breeze; Donor Tips: Looking Ahead in 2022; About FAR


Vol. 4, Fall 2021

2021 Oases of Excellence Faculty Conference; Oasis Profile: The Scala Foundation; Donor Tips: A Presentation at the Bradley Impact Fund; FAR Advises on New Gift to University of Colorado—Colorado Springs; About FAR


Vol. 4, Summer 2021

A Gift by Any Other Name; Oasis Profile: John W. Altman Institute for Entrepreneurship at Miami University; Donor Tips: Clearly Communicate Your Philanthropic Vision; About FAR


Vol. 3, Spring 2021

Protecting Free Speech on Campus; Oasis Profile: Bucknell Program for American Leadership and Citizenship; From the Bookshelf: Money Well Spent: A Strategic Plan for Smart Philanthropy; Donor Tips: Trust, But Verify (or Monitor Your Gift).


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