Case Study:

How do I support academic excellence?

Robert S. Krupp and Democracy in America

Robert S. Krupp, a distinguished California businessman, wanted to mark the 25th anniversary of his graduation from Harvard University with a gift that would contribute to the academic life of his alma mater.

Mr. Krupp approached FAR to learn about opportunities to make a meaningful gift to Harvard University. FAR introduced him to government professor Harvey C. Mansfield who, together with Delba Winthrop, was working on a new translation of Alexis de Tocqueville’s classic text, Democracy in America

FAR assisted with the negotiation of a gift agreement that allowed Mr. Krupp to direct his gift to support Professors Mansfield and Winthrop’s work on their translation of Democracy in America, which is now accepted as the finest available version and has encouraged further study of this essential text. The gift agreement also ensured Mr. Krupp would be recognized as a contributor to the Harvard College 25th Reunion Fund.

Mr. Krupp, with the help of FAR, made a gift that fulfilled his wish to enhance the academic life of Harvard University, received appropriate recognition for his generous philanthropy, and ultimately made a contribution that enhanced teaching and learning not only at Harvard, but throughout the scholarly world.

FAR Services:

  • Seeking opportunities for targeted philanthropy.
  • Securing appropriate donor recognition.
  • Identifying opportunities for donors to support exceptional scholarship.

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