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Intelligent College Giving: John Altman

January 24, 2020

The Fund for Academic Renewal is excited to announce a new project called Intelligent College Giving. Over the next few months, FAR will release video and print interviews with donors who have made innovative, meaningful gifts to higher education. 

Intelligent college giving has the power to renew our nation’s universities. By sharing the stories of donors who have led the charge to support academic excellence, enrich course offerings, and promote intellectual diversity and academic freedom on campus, we hope to inspire others to follow their lead.

Our first interview in the series features entrepreneur John W. Altman. Dr. Altman shares the story of a remarkable gift he received as a young man, and why the legacy of that gift continues to inspire his philanthropy today.

Dr. Altman is a distinguished entrepreneur and philanthropist as well as a member of ACTA’s board of directors. He was a professor of entrepreneurship at his alma mater, Miami University, and served on the board of trustees. Miami University is the 69th school to adopt the Chicago Principles of Freedom of Expression.


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